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Wheneven people tried to kidnap him, the gods always got involved. So Pegasus was safe, but lonely. He couldn't live with his father under the sea because Pegasus could not breath underwater. He did not want to live with his mother. The other horses shied away from him. They knew he was different.


He belonged nowhere. He kept himself busy saving others, especially Greek soldiers wounded in battle. But it was not the same as having a family or a friend to do things with.

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One day, Zeus noticed that Pegasus was very depressed. That was the day Zeus and Pegasus became best friends.

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Pegasus, the Winged Horse in Greek Mythology

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Pegasus is probably the most famous creation to appear in the tales of Greek mythology with the imagery of the winged horse still used in modern advertisements and emblems. Pegasus was not born in the normal manner although it might be said that the horse was an offspring of Poseidon and Medusa. Medusa was once a beautiful maiden, and a priestess in one of the temples of Athena.

Athena found out about the sacrilege that had occurred in her temple, and of course she was unable to take out her rage upon Poseidon, and so Medusa became the focus of her hate. Medusa would make her new home with the other Gorgons, but eventually she was tracked down by Perseus who had been quested with bringing back the head of Medusa.

Medusa would fall down dead, but from the severed neck sprang forth the children of Medusa, Pegasus and Chrysaor.

Ancient Greek Myth for Kids: Pegasus, the Flying Horse - Ancient Greek & Roman Gods for Kids

Pegasus emerged as a fully grown winged horse, whilst Chrysaor, Pegasus brother, either emerged as a giant or a winged boar. It has become to think that Perseus then made use of Pegasus in his long return journey to the island of Seriphos, rescuing Andromeda from the sea monster in Aethiopia from the back of the winged horse.

The use of Pegasus by Perseus though was an interpretation of the myth that occurred in Europe many hundreds of years after the original stories had been recorded. Perseus, in the original Greek myths, had no need to use Pegasus, for he already had in his possession the winged sandals of the Greek god Hermes. There is a gap in the mythology of Pegasus after the birth of the winged horse, but eventually Pegasus is to be found upon Mount Olympus in the care of the goddess Athena.