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Moritz Moszkowski ‒ Piano Concerto in E major, Op 59

A very virtuoso fugato movement that some ensembles appear to take as the ultimate speed benchmark — however, there is more to it than mere virtuosity! But even at a moderate tempo it is a challenge to make those fast eighths still sound, let alone to retain some articulation and phrasing. As these numbers are spread over the text, I felt it would help if I collected them in a table, shown below.


I have used color coding to indicate relative rates: white would be the average tempo, blue fields are slower tempi, green indicates faster-than-average performances where the strength of the color indicates the amount of deviation from the average. Guarneri String Quartet.

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Consequently, the movement has some lengths, the expression is too monotonous. In this interpretation, this music sounds rather like a late romantic, if not even later period movement. Also, the sfp are rather soft — too soft.

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Amadeus Quartet. The Allegro vivace is OK in general, with the exception of an apparent, slight lack of tempo control in the first violin, and bad articulation in places such as the first cello solo in the exposition.

The first violin dominates, uses lots of vibrato. Same for the Trio : the first violin dominates too much, everything is too loud, too forceful, not grazioso. Endellion String Quartet.

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On the other hand, the Trio is very harsh in the staccato notes, could be more playful. Half-way through the movement, there are some odd tempo jumps, probably from mixing takes from recording sessions at different speeds. Quartetto Italiano. The Allegro vivace features a very homogeneous, soft sound and articulation, causing some loss in transparency.

In the Trio, the staccati are somewhat hard, the transitions between instruments could be smoother. The Coda seems very too broad, tragic.

Pieces (3) for piano, Op. 59

The sfp are still rather soft. Not a dance. In the Trio , the articulation is very heavy, never grazioso. Emerson String Quartet. The fact the concert performance was recorded gave the pianist an additional stimulation to enjoy the moment of playing the piano.

Chopin - Mazurka in F-sharp minor, Op. 59, No. 3 sheet music for Piano -

Beside all this she followed a special sound idea which is missed in nowadays piano recordings most often: direct and close to the instrument, so that with this recording one is able to get the live performance feeling and can really bring it into ones living room. Op voorraad. Hoeveelheid: 1. Let's Dance!

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